Frustrated by the amount of
time it takes to code in PCS?
Confused by the incomprehensible
language and terminology?
Are you sure your
codes are correct?

Are you a hospital based coder?

Do you code in ICD 10 PCS?

Then SurgiCode is for you!

The SurgiCode system is the only natural medical language search program that allows you to instantly search for and find ICD-10 PCS (procedure) codes. For example, if you type in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and hit enter, you are immediately given the best match ICD-10 procedure code for that operation.

This is not a computer assisted coding (CAC) program, each of the over 8000 procedures in our database was coded by an actual human being with intimate knowledge of the relevant anatomy and the intricacies of each and every procedure.

How SurgiCode works:

Enter the operation performed from the operative report.

Click search.

Instantly receive code(s)

Yes, it really is that simple, enter the operation in the surgeons’ language directly from the operative report, and get the correct code or codes for that procedure. What more could you ask for in a coding program.

Our goal here at SurgiCode is to make your workflow more efficient. Think of our program as a cheat sheet you may have created for yourself of the most common codes you use, only now it is over 8000 procedures long and growing every day.

Customer service is our number one goal at SurgiCode. Although we have over 8000 procedures already coded, please let us know if you are having difficulties finding the correct code. We are a small company, and therefore very agile, and able to give you one on one support and personal attention, so please feel free to contact us with any difficulties, we will help you resolve them as soon as possible.

We are confident that your coding experience will be enhanced when using SurgiCode and we welcome any feedback you may have to further improve your experience.

SurgiCode PCS

Welcome to SurgiCode PCS, the home of ICD-10 PCS Search.

We have designed SurgiCode to make medical coders’ and billers’ jobs easier and more efficient. To that end, we have designed a natural medical language search program which essentially translates ‘surgeon language’, that is, the name of the procedure that the surgeon puts in the operative report, directly to ICD-10 PCS codes. There are no algorithms or decision trees to follow, merely type in the name of the operation, and get the code.

If you already had a SurgiCode account you would be directed to the program after login. (make login a link)

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SurgiCode Universal

“In the works.

Imagine, a single search function that gives you not only the correct PCS code, but the correct CPT code as well, in one simple search!

The ultimate procedure code search function, PCS and CPT results with one search.”

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